The KLOCKS as you know it now, began in 1995.  Our first gig together was on December 1, 1995 Acapulco Sam's on The Riverwalk in our homThe KLOCKS First Promo Shotetown of San Antonio, Texas.  Did you know that the first incarnation of The KLOCKS entertained around south Texas from 1980 to 1985? Ed played keys in that band and Brent actually was on our crew while he was in between bands.  Mack and Brent were playing in Michael Michael and The Max in the mid 90's when Ed and John Allen, the guitarist from the original band decided to try and make a go of it again.  The four of us had gotten familiar while playing football with other musicians and friends.  At this time, Ed used to smoke Mack's ass with his blazing speed and scored on him incessantly (thanks to Mack for inserting this part of the article; I had almost forgotten this detail).  After John left the band in 1997, we began a litany of guitarists, all who loved the idea of going on the road with us until they actually did it.  We have made many good friends along the way.

Did you know that Mack carries a degree in electronics and designs and builds most of our road cases as well as our integrated wiring?  He also repairs everything.  Did you also know that he won't even,let Ed hold a flashlight for him while he works? 

Did you know that Brent keeps the band booked with very little help from outside agents?  He also maintains our website and updates it almost daily, something for which most companies pay big money.  Did you know that Ed teaches music at the elementary level in public schools?  Did you also know that if that fact doesn't scare the hell out of you then you are in a very small minority? 

Did you know that Ben's parents used to drop him off in D.C. while they worked and he educated himself in the Smithsonian Institute?  He also checked out books at the library with such titles as "Guitar For Purists" and "Oklahoma Guide to Speed Traps." 

Did you know that Brent and Ed have a system that keeps them from getting tickets when stopped by law enforcement officers?  Did you know that Ben does not have a system that keeps him from getting tickets when pulled over by law enforcement officers?

Did you know that The KLOCKS is actually a corporation going by the corporate name "Klocks Group Inc?"  We pay corporate taxes and withhold payroll and unemployment taxes as well as Social Security taxes?

Did you know that we have weekly meetings?  We disseminate pay checks, discuss upcoming gigs, deal with any problems and/or issues including:  "What did Ed say on stage this week?", new equipment, attire for upcoming gigs, transportation, "What did Ed do on stage?", "whose turn is it to quit this week?" and "Can you believe Ed is employed n the public school system?"  Honestly, these regular meetings have been a huge contributor to our success and longevity. 

There is much more but it's late and I've got kids to teach tomorrow morning...go ahead , say what you wish about that guys.  We'll talk about it at the meeting.

Ed Doran

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