Once a year in the month of October, the City of Boerne - a small German antique town just outside of San Antonio to the northwest, hosts the ANNUAL HILL COUNTRY ROD RUN. The ROD RUN is an event that brings out some of the coolest Hot Rods out there and it is truly an event worth checking out. It happens each year in my own hometown, yet, almost every year it takes place, I miss it. The band is usually booked out of town somewhere and the schedule usually prevents me from attending. You might think that this would be easier for me to work things out to be able to attend as I am personally responsible for the booking of the band, but it is just not that simple to work out.

This year was one of the rare times the band’s schedule would allow me some time to attend and indeed I did. It was awesome. I took my daughter Lauren with me and my camera so I could post photos for everyone to get a sense of it all. “Haupstrasse” is German for Main St. and Hauptstrasse get shut down for all these beautiful vehicles on Saturday for everyone to get a close up look at them. There are so many that I really love but the ones I tend to like more are the vehicles that are all BLACK.

As Lauren and I went from vehicle to vehicle one of them stood out to me and I thought at first it was because it was so different form all the rest. But I figured it out a bit later as I was editing the photos. The car certainly looked fantastic but it was sitting under a tree and then it hit me. There used to be a song that Mack and I played with Michael  Michael & The MAX by Gino Vanelli that everyone in the band loved to perform. It was just a fun song to play. It was called “Black Cars” and the chorus of the song goes as follows: “Black Cars, look better in the shade.” I have embedded You Tube video that has the song. Click on the video above to start the song and then click on the image of the car above to get to the photos and check them out. They are so cool! Enjoy the pictures and enjoy the song.

Til next time!
Brent Fields

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