Forgive me for the title of this article. I can only say that I was impressed with our new guitarist Ben Gonzales’ first news article for The KLOCKS website and that I am a major fan of the band “YES”. 90125 was a great album and since I was up for bat to pen the next news article, Ben’s title prompted my own. Ben’s article entitled “CHANGES” really touched on a very important aspect of the band right now. Change. Change is good! Keeping things fresh is so important in just about any business but in a band, it is downright paramount. And you can never find enough things that need change o that you feel needs to be changed, updated, re-thought, added, eliminated, etc…

Toward that end, there are a lot of changes we are currently undergoing right now. If you have been out to see the band recently, you might have even seen or heard a lot of them. For instance, fans of the band have been impressed with the look of our drummer’s rig for years, a rig which is still continuing to evolve. The drum rig is constructed out of shiny tubes made by a company called “Gibraltar”. Most drummers are familiar with their products. Our drummer had the brilliant idea to use that same tubing to construct a stand for our keyboard rig as well as guitar stands. It has taken some time but slowly and surely the band’s stage look has been and still is taking on a whole new cohesive look about it. Next time you come out to see the band, take a good look around the stage.

There are other areas we are working on right now as well. Our lighting is steadily being upgraded. Our lighting has never looked better and we have a lot more to do. Keep your eyes on this as well. The addition of a new state-of-the-art lighting controller and computer system is under construction as we speak and will be implemented very soon.

New songs are being added to the list, as always, but the changes that are to come are very exciting to us all. So exciting, fresh and new are they that we cannot disclose them right now, but as the title of this article states… Keep looking for... CHANGES!

Brent Fields

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