I would like to say a big hello to all The KLOCKS fans out there who come to our web-page for the latest band developments and news.  My name is Ben Gonzales, the latest addition to The KLOCKS family. I am engaged to the lovely and talented Casey Cortez and we have beautiful son named Jackson who will be 4 this June. I have been playing guitar since the mid- eighties and I’m  a product of the guitar dominated culture of that time. Times have sure changed since then. (Where did the guitar solo go in today’s music?)

Joining the band has been an eye opening experience and a great opportunity to share my talents with a broader audience.  Up until joining the band last November, I’d been a gun for hire for the last several years playing with on average 5 different bands.  That was a very difficult schedule to keep track of where I’d be or who I was playing with from one day to the next.  It’s nice to be able to focus my attention on only one band.

One big change for me is playing outside San Antonio.  Occasionally traveling to Austin is about the most roadwork I have done.  Playing in and around SA over the years have kept me busy but limited to what the market has to offer. The KLOCKS are the most professional band I have ever played with and whose attention to detail is second to none. The last few months with the band has been a blast.

If I could have only joined The KLOCKS much sooner, who knows how things would have turned out?  I have always been aware when an opening had occurred but could not act due to prior commitments. This last fall was to be different and the stars seemed to be aligned in our mutual favor. We soon embarked on a practice schedule that could only be described similar to a Soviet Olympic Team training regimen. We all survived even though nerves were definitely strained.  I know I have improved immensely in my overall musician-ship.  I really appreciate the bands patience.  My deep back-ground in the Heavy Metal arts really don’t apply to The KLOCKS business model.

That also leads me to the subject of hair. There has also been a change in my appearance.  I have worn my hair long and really long since the late eighties. Now it is shoulder length and more in tune with the over-all image that the band is trying to convey. They say it makes me look younger.  If it were only that easy.

Another thing missing is a guitar amp.  Anyone familiar with my musical history knows that I am big on tube-amps and their applications. Going direct into the board is a new experience for me but a welcome challenge.  I will do whatever it takes to make the overall sound superior to the competition out there.

The last two subject matters might be a shock to those who have known me for some time. This is proof positive that I am committed to the band and wish for a very long and productive tenure with the best group of musicians from Texas. Look forward to seeing you at the show.

Ben Gonzales

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