In February of 2010, I was hired by Adam Hamilton a producer and drummer I have known for many years and William Shatner, that's right I said William Shatner from Star Trek, Boston Legal, etc.., to record a song for an album he was producing. The song I was asked to deliver was a remake of Thomas Dolby's 80's hit called "She Blinded Me With Science". I was excited to be doing this for such an icon in the film and television history. There are so many top artists working with him on this album. The album features many guest artists including Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller, Bootsy Collins, and others. I finished my work in September of 2010 and was very happy with the work as was the Executive Producer Adam Hamilton out in Los Angeles, CA and Shatner himself. Bootsy Collins is on the track and it is pure fun!
The album was released last week and already has done something for Shatner that he has never done before. The album has hit #1 on Bilboard's Album chart. As a matter of fact, it debuted at #1. It's amazing and I am all happy to be a part of it. Thanks go out to my good friend Adam Hamilton and to Bill Shatner as well. Be sure to check back to our website for further developments…

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