Every band out there performing has several things in common no matter what type of music they play. Musicians need to rehearse, they need to perform and they have an inherent need to be in a band. And to be in a band that gets the gigs they want, even when they are just starting out, they need promo… promotional materials. Part of that package of materials is the music demo, information about the band and its musicians and photos. They are all important. A bad photo for instance can keep a band from even breaking into the business even though they might be a very good band on stage.

When changes in the band occur like they have with The KLOCKS new materials are in order. To that end, The KLOCKS scheduled a photo shoot last weekend in between two shows in the Dallas Metroplex. A tall order indeed! And given the fact that the band members only got about four hours of sleep from Friday night’s show at Gator’s, anyone would be impressed with the feat.

The shoot was scheduled for noon on Saturday and was held be courtesy of CAPE BUFFALO. The photographer was Mike Malloy. We have had the honor of knowing Mike for a long time but this is the first opportunity we have had to employ his rare talent and skills with the camera. He has shot the band live several times and because that we were very confident that we would get the perfection we were looking for.

We were right!

Mike had the setup of a lifetime and was ready to go the moment we walked in the door. After getting dressed for the first type of shot, we took to the stage and the shots started clicking. We took over one hundred and thirty shots at three locations – Cape Buffalo, and two other locations in Addison, Texas. Five different style shots were taken. A tuxedo formal shot, a business suit shot, and three different regular stage clothes shots. When I got the proofs back on DVD and opened them up, I personally was blown away with the quality. Mike did a phenomenal job!

Look for the shots to be debuted on this website in the coming weeks. If anyone out there is looking for a new photog, The KLOCKS have a recommendation for you. His name is Michael Malloy.


Here is one on the shots after it's completion.

Brent Fields

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