For the last three years our guitarist, Bill Caisse has been living about two blocks away from myself in downtown Boerne located in the picturesque Hill Country of Texas. In the process of getting to know our new keyboardistMarc Martinez , we quickly learned that he and his wife and children live about two blocks away from Mack Gonzales , our drummer. In what President Reagan called one of the four most distinctive cities in the Untied States – San Antonio . In the course of our business it is convenient, to be sure, but it also seems like a coincidence. (By the way, the other three cities are San Francisco , New Orleans and Boston .)

Once I realized this, I started to realize a few more coincidences that are interesting to note. Like this for instance… The two Latino guys in the band live in San Antonio and the two white guys live in Boerne. Coincidence?

Another case in point - the two guys that live in Boerne – their first names begin with the letter “B” – Brent & Bill. The two guys that live in San Antonio have first names that begin with the letter “M” – Mack & Marc.

Are these facts coincidental or do they lead to something else entirely? They should lead you to one conclusion and one conclusion only and an inescapable one at that.

That “The KLOCKS” are made up of a couple of BM's…


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