The KLOCKS signed Marc Martinez to a new long-term contract this month. In a bold new move for the organization the team Partnership decided that a different direction was in order after the sudden departure of the recently acquired Clark Stevens. The move immediately places the organization down a path that will open up the capability of all players to a new level of play that is rarely seen in this field of performance.

Marc Martinez , a twenty-four year veteran at the top of the keys who is sometimes referred to as “de congelador” says he is very happy with the acquisition. “I have played with some of the top performers in the business, like Emilio and along side artists like Alan Jackson, LeAnn Rhymes, Clay Walker to name a few, but to get the chance to come into this organization is a real testament to my abilities.” He also added, “I believe that we have the chance of a lifetime here to take this all to the next level.”

Marc brings some real talent to the team that they all will really enjoy. Being able to cover many instruments in addition to the keys, Marc is proficient on the sax, guitar and the bass. Look for those talents to get utilized very soon in the new front line of starters. He also will use his strong voice the help lead the team.

There are some contract conflicts with a few of the dates that will keep him out of the line-up on some nights the outfit will play this year but starting in January those obligations will be over and he will be a full time starter.

Fans of the team are all looking forward to seeing the performances take this new direction and have welcomed him with open arms.

Welcome to the band Marc. Sorry for the Sports metaphors, everyone. I'm just really into Sports right now. Sure beats politics Right, Bill?


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