It was difficult to say goodbye to a member that had been with the band since it started. Ed Doran is no longer in the band and thus starts a new chapter in the on going story of The KLOCKS. As you know, no one can be as good as Ed in anything that he does... ha ha. (Ed's suggestion to this article) The person who is taking over the keyboard position is not someone who I would call a replacement at all. Just different. There are some things that he doesn't do as well as Ed and there are things that in my opinion that he does better. They are two different musicians to be sure, yet even though we were preparing for a musician that would just be able to get us by, we were able to hire someone that could not only get things going again but to improve the band and expand our capabilities.

Clark Stevens used to be in the band “MICHAEL MICHAEL & The MAX” with Mack and myself years ago and so our confidence in Ed's replacement was as high as we could expect. We also know that we can get along with his personality which can have a big effect on things. I used to believe that the most important thing to consider when hiring someone for a band is the person's talent. Not anymore. Sure someone must have talent as a musician, but it is more important to hire someone that you know you can get a long with, and that is exactly what we did by hiring Clark .

Things in the band will be changed and our abilities are somewhat limited compared to what they were before Ed resigned, but it won't take long before the band has things back to where they were and then the groundwork for improvement will be experienced.

Come out and see us sometime when you have the chance and you will see what I am talking about in this article. Clark is a very talented Musician. He is funny, considerate, punctual and very likeable.

Welcome to the band Clark .



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