Ever wish you could go back in time? Even for just a few minutes? I do more often than I care to admit. I've been trying a new technique to increase a feeling of happiness. I read that if you can look for 3 positive points of any given situation first before listing the negative ones. You will eventually train your mind to think everything is good, and happiness will be the result. After all happiness is a state of mind right?

There is an unfortunate side affect. I now notice how negative everyone else is. Which blows my chance to think of 3 positive things first. My second thought is to offer a positive solution to a friends' negative situation, which of course is known to them as “un-wanted criticism”. So far the technique has not yielded the desired result. In fact I have been more aware of everyone else's negativity and have been less happy.

This weekend I was happy to learn that “The Fonz”survived the 50's and is alive and well in Euless Texas. I was happy so many people showed up for the gig at Gators. Lastly I was happy I could still play “Dust in the Wind” all the way through without a mistake. There was a truckload of negativity to follow my 3 happy thoughts, so I decided to modify the technique to continued to think of only positive things. Playing on new strings Saturday night, selling lots of CD's and T-shirts, and even the Whataburger with Cheese on the way home. Still there comes a point when someone will do or say something to break a string of positive thoughts, and the negative ones flow like falling water.

I've spent weeks getting our CD into the iTunes Music Store via CD Baby.(check it out at the following link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/klocks) Many fans at the gigs have requested to purchase with a credit or debit card, but have been unable to do so till now. I've also been working hard to part out our old PA system to sell on ebay. It is very time consuming, and has been taking up way more space in the house than Jodie and I would like. We are playing this Tuesday for a SXSW (South by Southwest) event. As far as I know the only band to be broadcast to Austin via a Hi-Definition telecast.

Like a cresting wave there is also a point in the music business when the success flows like the same falling water. The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, Marilyn Manson at the opening of The Exorcist, and hopefully The KLOCKS on iTunes. Let's hope it doesn't all crash on the rocks.

Bill Caisse

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