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Damn, Houston is big. Great golf-weather this past weekend, but I did not take my clubs. If I had taken them they wouldn't have got used since I woke up at 2:00 PM. Sometimes you just have to sleep, you know what I mean? Speaking of setup, it went pretty smooth except for a problem we've been having with one of our speaker amplifiers. We run a four-way system and it was the one for the high end, for you tech's out there. It just wouldn't power up. A couple of Fonz taps and it lit up, that took care of it for Friday night. Saturday it didn't turn on even with the Fonz taps, and it was about 10 minutes before we started. So, I thought, what the hell I watch the DIY (Do It Yourself) channel, so I opened it up and took a look at what it might be. I got lucky that I saw a spark and its origin. I found that a component had a bad solder joint. With the help of Brent & Bill, I did a little soldering, put it back together and “Voila”, it came on. Just goes to show ya, it pays to watch the DIY channel. I know there are no naked women on there but you need to have other hobbies.

Thanks to Terry & Gordon for putting us up at their pad, which is an awesome two story house, complete with pool, hot tub & Rusty. I hope we weren't too much trouble. It's always a pleasure to see some long time friends in the area. Freddy, Angela and Mark. We miss you Gary and Lori. Mark is an incredible Realtor and DJ. If you don't buy a house from him he'll play a CD for you. We also had the pleasure of a surprise visit from Christie, the ex-wife of our first guitar player, John Allen. She's a flight attendant for a major airline, and by coincidence, had a layover in Houston . She paid $50 for a cab ride from her hotel to the club. I hope she charged it to the airline. She's a great gal and I always wondered why John traded her for his current wife. Who, reminds me of the movie “The Exorcist”. Not in a bad way of course. Just goes to show ya, it pays to watch the Playboy channel.

"I'm not going to say which hotel it is, but it sounds like "Lolliday In"..."
Funny thing, I noticed this past weekend. Our crew guy DeVe, (pronounced deve) would typically be running the spot light but we didn't use it for lack of room. So that gave him the chance to dance with the locals. Now, I'm not trying to stereotype and I'm not at all a prejudiced person, but he doesn't possess the rhythm for dancing that I thought he would have.

I think he could use some lessons from Napoleon Dynamite. Just goes to show ya, it pays to watch the Comedy channel.

So, other than a headache I had, Saturday's tear down went pretty smooth as well. I was concerned about the hotel rooms though. The Concert Pub graciously provides rooms for our Friday & Saturday stay. The club reserves the rooms and gives the hotel a credit card number to pay for the rooms. The problem we had with the hotel last time was when we went to check in, the clerk said she couldn't charge the card without the card owner there to authorize it. “Now what was the purpose of the club giving a credit card number for?” I asked. She said, “To make the reservation and pay for the rooms”. I said, “So the rooms are paid for?” She said, “No. The club gave the credit card number to pay for the rooms but we can't charge the card without authorization”. Is it me, or am I not getting this hotel logic? So we had to use the band credit card to purchase the rooms, contact the club later on to tell them what happened, have the hotel charge the clubs card, and reimburse our card. Now this time, to combat the hotel logic, the Concert Pub gave us a company check made out to the hotel to pay for the rooms for Friday and Saturday. Since we stay at Terry & Gordon's we didn't need the rooms for Friday. So we gave the check back to the club and told them we just need rooms for Saturday.

Now, here's where my concern comes in. We didn't get a check from the club for the Saturday rooms, and we didn't think to ask about it until we were leaving the club. There was only one guy left at the club when we asked about the hotel rooms and he didn't know anything about it. We were felling pretty tired so, I thought we would go to the hotel and by some miracle they would have the reservations and we would not have a problem. It turned out that “Hotel Logic” trumps “Miracles”. Good thing hotels were not around back when JC was performing. I'm not going to say which hotel it is, but it sounds like "Lolliday In". Just goes to show ya, it pays to watch the Travel Channel. So instead of going through the Abbott and Costello baseball routine with the hotel clerk again, my headache decided to drive home to San Antonio . Which I hate to do because:

I'm tired and still have to drive for four hours. Nothing like waking up while you're driving not knowing if you're in the same lane you were in before you nodded off.
We got back in town about 8:30 AM. I got to bed at 9:00 AM, and woke up like 4:00 PM. By the time I shower and get dressed I've got 3 hours of daylight left. It takes me a couple of days to get out of that schedule.
I hate seeing the sun come up in the sleepy state I'm in, because all I can think about is that John Denver song. All it takes is one of the other guys to wake up and say “The Sun's coming up” and I'll take it from there with “I got cakes on the griddle”

There are more reasons but, these are the top 3.

Here it is 3:30 AM Wednesday and I'm not sleepy. I'm getting up at 8:30 AM to go to work. You can't be sleepy when you work on electronic equipment. Right Bo? Bo, is our light man. He and I are service techs at Bishoppetty Lighting, Sound & Video. He woke up pretty quick when he stuck his finger inside of a strobe light he was working on. For those of you who don't know, a strobe light bulb is triggered with 10,000 volts. Similar to one of those self-defense shockers. That would make a hell of an alarm KLOCK.


Mack Gonzales

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