Keep those doggies Ro… ah, never mind. Poor attempt at humor. I think I should leave the funny stuff to Ed. This past weekend, the band performed at COOL RIVER CAFÉ in Las Colinas, Texas and the crew would tell you, it was nice to have one setup and one teardown. As nice as that was, it is my opinion that the coolest thing that happened for us on this night was that a group of representatives from a very important company to our business were there in the venue and got an opportunity to hear us play. A company called Roland.

Roland is a musical products manufacturer and just happens to be the company of choice for The KLOCKS in the way of personal equipment. Our Keyboards, Guitar Rigs, Bass rig, and the Drums processor are all made by Roland. If you haven't noticed it before, then next time you come out to see the band, take a quick look toward the stage. Specifically at the band members personal equipment and it won't take long for you to see the name - Roland.

This company makes some of the finest gear in the business. The capabilities their gear gives musicians like us are enormous. Quite frankly, there are some songs that we would not be able to perform if it were not for the advantages their products give musicians. For instance, the song “Hotel California by The EAGLES”. The guitar solo has harmony parts and normally it would take another musician to play the part. However, Roland's VG-88 has the ability to harmonize the performer in the key signature of his or her choice. All that our guitarist Bill had to do was to set up a patch and save it for recall. Then whenever we play the song Bill will simply engage the preset patch at the appropriate time during the solo. Simple and yet very effective (no pun intended). This is just one example of the hundreds of advantages we have been able to incorporate into our show, thanks to Roland.

The Roland V-products we use such as the V-Drums, V-Bass, VG-88, etc. incorporate COSM® technology. What is that, you ask? I thought you'd never ask. COSM® stands for Composite Object Sound Modeling. Their online glossary defines it as “An abbreviation for Roland's "Composite Object Sound Modeling" technology that shapes audio by applying the sonic characteristics of popular or classic microphones, guitars, guitar amplifiers and studio reference speakers.” Simply put the products have the ability to model the sound of not just an instrument and effects, but also amplifiers and microphones. For instance the VG-88 can give one the ability to have a guitar sound exactly like a Gibson Les Paul played through a Marshall stack even though, let's say the guitarist is not playing through an amp and is playing a Fender Stratocaster. Press a switch and one can be playing that same Fender Strat and have it sound like an Acoustic 12-string tuned down a whole step without ever touching the machine heads (the tuners of the guitar).

"Roland has had a big part in the success of our band."
These kinds of abilities are invaluable to a band that is trying to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them on the floor in between songs. It has been proven to us time and time again that if you take too much time to start the next song, people will start walking off the dance floor.

This is something we do not want to see at our gigs – ever. It is our objective to get as many people as we can on the dance floor and keep them there as long as we can. We do a pretty decent job doing exactly that. Part of the reason we do, is because of the products made by ROLAND.

About a year or so ago we tried to contact Roland to discuss a sponsorship of their company but we didn't really get anywhere. We were told “We don't give out sponsorships and we don't give away our gear.” The band already has Roland equipment and we are not looking to try to get gear from you, we told them and the person we spoke to responded by saying “We are not interested.” Okay, we said and that was that. We were not upset, we were just a little confused but we soon forgot about it. This weekend however, proved we were talking to the wrong people. Because the guys from Roland that were there on Saturday night by mere happenstance were some of the nicest guys we have ever met in the music business.I am speaking of John Fedorko, Steven Fisher, Joey Arata and the rest of the guys from Roland who hung out with us Saturday night. They all were planning on leaving before we even started but they all stayed until well into the second set because they were enjoying the band so much. We hope to see them again soon.

The reason for this article is this. We are very proud of our business but we must give credit where credit is due. Roland has had a big part in the success of our band. When you look up on our stage it doesn't take long for you to see two very important logos - The KLOCKS and ROLAND.

Thanks ROLAND.

Brent Fields

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