Change is a good thing, unless it's bad. A while ago I started to receive some input from various sources that the NEWS article that used to be posted once a week, which is now being penned about every three weeks, is sorely missed. These folks were requesting that the article should appear weekly as it used to in the past. After speaking to Bill about this issue, he informed me that he simply does not have the time to write an article once a week like I used to do, and then it hit me. What about having each of the band members write an article in turn each week? He was as thrilled about the idea as I. That it would make each of the band members a potential reporter. And so I asked Ed and Mack about what they thought of the approach. Ed was very enthusiastic about the idea and immediately started to put his thoughts together. After speaking with Mack, he too likes the idea however, he was not completely sure that he would have any topics to write about that would hold any interest to readers. I assured him that his input and perspective is as interesting and important as any of the band members. He accepted the challenge and so it is a done deal, taking the old approach of a weekly news article and turning it into something new and fresh.

It is my hope that it will not only provide insight into the band members' experiences on the road and off, but also to generate a readership. Ed will take this week's article and I will take next week. Mack will be up after that and rounding it off will be Bill. Then it all starts over again. We hope you enjoy the articles. Ed's first attempt is a good one.

Brent Fields


One thing you can say for The Klocks right now: The KLOCKS have got momentum. It becomes obvious looking at the differences between last week's transportation debacles and this week's relatively smooth ride. Last week, the crew ran out of gas in the truck and spent two hours dealing with this problem (it would have taken 20 minutes had it not been for the fact that there was a Luby's within walking distance). This week, no probs. Last week, the rest of us were given a Nissan X-Terra(ble), which is a skateboard with seats, instead of the usual Camry, by the rent car company. Last week; ouch ouch ouch, gripe, whine, cry! This week; peace and a smooooth ride.

You saw (or felt) the real momentum, though, if you were at this week's gigs. We showed up to a packed house at Gator's in Euless , Texas on Friday night. The crowd and the fun have built from the first time we played there. Several of the people in the crowd told me they have been waiting months for us to return. The staff is great. The girls at the door gave me a great big smile when I walked in. I'm betting that they do this with everyone. The bartenders are always accommodating andcordial. Although we've only played Gator's a handful of times, we feel right at home. The gal in the AC/DC shirt that danced with me on the rail in front of the stage was icing on the cake. It's a good thing Bill had his nitro pills with him.

Now Saturday night was just insane. We have been playing for the Oklahoma Enterprise Rent-a-Car folks there for many years and are always ready for a party. When they invite the rest of the regional offices in the area to the bash…whoa. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. Girls were on stage singing and dancing throughout the evening (okay, there were even a couple of guys but that always freaks us out). Even on the tunes where some folks didn't want to dance, they waited on the dance floor for the next tune instead of going to their seats. We have gotten to know many of them personally and have a blast with them every year. Thanks to Peggy Clark, Tim Lovett, Jack Talley, Melanie Hinther, Becky, Woody and all the rest who have made this so much fun every year (and thanks for the beers Tim).

How about this for momentum? On Saturday, Bill and Brent had decided to try out the Purple Cow weight-loss program. I had already eaten lunch before the others and opted out of this amazing health experience. My motto: “Never eat at a place that has Alka Seltzer (I'm not kidding) on the menu.” Well, Bill seemed to get the best results on the program. In fact, he hardly felt the need to eat the rest of the weekend. It seemed to give him a real energy boost too. You might have noticed him dancing about during the sets Saturday night and rushing off the stage at the breaks. I'm pretty sure he was being punished by God for his views on my lyric writing skills.

The trip home was more of the same. Lots of weight-loss stops. We usually try to break the driving up evenly and this time was no exception. I drove from OKC to Fort Worth. Bill took up the driving in northwest Fort Worth and made it, amazingly, to southwest Fort Worth (our next weight-loss stop). Brent and Steve split the rest. Okay…I'll stop picking on Bill. He'll get me back in his next article. We listened to the Spurs lose and Steve listened to the Denver Broncos lose so the sports didn't go so well for us this week. The comedy channels on satellite radio have become a nightmare. Paying money for a subscription to advertisements for hair-loss tonics and dysfunction pills is a waste but at least the programs are unhilarious. And one more thing…since this is a news article: Everybody in the government lies to us this week. Later.

Ed Doran

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